About us

About us

It was around 2008, when I saw a model from a company which had me mesmerized by its details, and I bought it because I was so interested in cars. It was the same interest that led me to look for more models so I could create a collection.

My interest in the Mercedes-Benz brand made me collect a collection of 1:18 Scale Models of this company in black color. Along with my love for collectible models, I began buying, selling and finding models for my friends and relatives.

During my years of activity in the field of collectible models, I have bought a lot of models from various countries of the world and sold them to collectors. Buying and selling world-famous replicas became my main occupation, and in 2019, I decided to develop this job which led me to launch an Online Store Website.

I have added special and rare models as well as models of famous companies such as: AUTOart, GT Spirit, and special companies like MR Collection and BBR, to the list of available models.

All the leading brands of replica manufacturers are available here in Diako, so that we can satisfy different customers in Canada and around the world.

We hope you have an enjoyable shopping experience.

Many thanks to you.

Diako Model


Address : 1411 Regan Ave coquitlam BC – Canada


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